Basic Training Information

Basic Training Information

Basic Training Information

What are the requirements for becoming a Law Enforcement Officer in Georgia?

The standards for becoming certified as a peace office in Georgia are set by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST).  Once you have been found to meet the basic requirements, you must complete the 10-week (408 Hour) basic law enforcement training program at a POST certified academy.  For other requirements, please visit the Georgia Peace Officer and Standards Council at

May I attend the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course by paying for it myself?

Yes.  An individual who is not currently employed by a law enforcement agency may attend the course at their own expense through the Pre-Service program.  The Pre-Service program places the academy in the place of an employer as the potential student’s sponsor. All associated costs (tuition, background investigation, polygraph, etc.) are absorbed by the potential student. Click for more Information

When is the next Basic Law Enforcement Course?

The Basic Law Enforcment classes are listed on the Academy Course Schedule.

How much is the Basic Law Enforcement Class?

Basic tuition for the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course is $3,093.00.  In addition, there are other required fees associated with the Pre-Service program application (Background investigation, Polygraph, etc.) which may vary slightly.  The total cost incurred for attendance as a pre-service student, including fees, is approximately $4000.00 (A complete listing of fees is available upon request).

Will I be able to obtain HOPE scholarship money to attend the Basic course?

No. Currently, neither the Georgia Hope grant nor scholarship program will pay for the tuition of the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course.

Will the Veterans Administration pay for the Basic course?

The Veterans Administration will pay for the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course for qualifying veterans. The tuition must be initially paid by the qualifying veteran who is subsequently reimbursed by the Veterans Administration.   To determine eligibility, the veteran must complete VA Form 22- 1999.   For further information, please contact the Veterans Administration at 1.800.827.1000.