Academy History

Academy History

History of the Academy


The North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy was first organized in 1978, with Cobb County as the sponsoring agency. In October of that year, the first Basic Law Enforcement Training Course began training at the Cobb County Police Headquarters. Soon afterwards, C. W. Matthew’s property near Kennesaw Mountain was renovated for the academy. Cobb County government and Lockheed Corporation furnished the office and classroom equipment. Classes were held at that location until 2001.

The Original staff consisted of William Jacobs, Director; James Burns, Cobb County Sheriff’s Office representative; John J. Marchant, Jr., Marietta Police Representative; Lee Chandler, Cobb County Police representative; and Gary DeLong and Willie Phillips rotating duties as the representative from Fulton County Police Department. Sandra Hooker was the first secretary.

In November 2001, the North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy held its first class at its new location in Austell. NCGLEA became the first tenant of the Austell Threadmill Complex after the City of Austell renovated a portion of the old Coats and Clark threadmill. Classes have been held there since that date.


Staff Members 1978 to Present

Mary Baier (Cobb County Police Representative)
Mike Barker (Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Representative)
Donald Bartlett (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative, Marietta Police Representative)
Kevin Bell (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Margaret Binkley (Administrative Assistant)*
Michael Bowman (Cobb County Police Representative)
Julie Bradley (Cobb County DPS Representative)
James Burns (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Tim Callahan (Marietta Police Representative)
Charles Carter (GOHS Computer Grant)
Monique Chamblin (Secretary)
Lee Chandler (Cobb County Police Department Representative)
Rodney Connell (Cobb County Police Department)
John Crittenden (Coordinator, former GOHS Computer Grant)
Nick Costos (Marietta Police Department)
Ken Davis (Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, Director) *
Russell Davis (Powder Springs Representative)
Gary DeLong (Fulton County Police Representative)
Mark Dorminy (GOHS Computer Grant)
Timothy Fant (Marietta Police Representative)
John Farkas (Marietta Police Representative)
Shakeena Farris, Registrar
C. Dane Freeman
 (Coordinator, former Assistant Director,
former Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Marilee Gibson (Coordinator)*
David Godfrey (Marietta Police Representative)
Stephen Goss (Marietta Police Representative)
Steve Grier (Senior Volunteer)
Henry Higgins (Cobb County Police Representative)
David Hindman
 (Paulding County Sheriff’s Representative)
Sandra Hooker (Secretary)
Mike Horton (Kennesaw Police Department)*
Robert Hubauer (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Don Hunton (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Albert Jackson (Cobb County Sheriff’s Office Representative)
William Jacobs (Director)
Christina Jennings Baxter (Coordinator, former Cobb County DPS Representative)
Lee Jones (GOHS Computer Grant)
Cathy Justus (Secretary)
Timothy Lemming
 (Marietta Police Representative)
A. Keith Logue (Director)
W. B. Lunsford (Marietta Police Representative)
John J. Marchant, Jr. (Director, Marietta Police Representative)
Lisa Miller (Secretary)

Joni Moeller (Marietta Police Representative)*
Alicia Mordt (Secretary)
Carole Morgan (Director and former Assistant Director)
Patrick Munk (Cobb County Police Representative)
Morris Nix (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Wally Nolen (Cobb County Police Representative)
Jessica Padgett (Receptionist)
Deborah Paul (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
James Pearson (Paulding County Sheriff’s Representative)

Jason Pearson (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)*
Rick Petrie (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Willie Phillips (Fulton County Police Representative)
Georgia Reese (Secretary)
Richie Rich (Woodstock Police Representative)
Tiffany Spain (Receptionist)
Faye Stallworth (Registrar)
Emily Stanley (Human Trafficking Grant)
Debra Tinker (Secretary)
Rick Townsend (Marietta Police Representative)
Michael Tressell (Cobb County Police Representative)
Gary Tuttle (Marietta Police Representative)
John Vlad (Marietta Police Representative)
H. Walraven, Jr. (Director,Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Guy Watkins (Cobb County Sheriff’s Representative)
Maria Yeager (Administrative Assistant)*
(Italics – Deceased)
(* – Current Staff)

History and staff member list contributed by C. Dane Freeman